6 Best Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Gift Ideas

Not everything that surrounds is permanent, not even the air that we breathe. With every passing day, the climate gets worse, the atmosphere tainted, and the planet being exhausted of its resources. Sustainability demands attention, which it has been doing for the past two decades. Technology has taken the path of abundancy, consequently the nature being overlooked for its beauty and bounties. A series of such events has led to the planet seeking liberation from the excessive clutch of humans over the natural resources. Many people have now been struck with the epiphany that the earth requires all these constituents to survive and be home to peaceful co-existence. Lifestyle change stands to be the only possible and practical way to get out of the planet’s curse. Each step matters in progressing towards sustainable development; be it the proper waste management or recycle and reuse of products.

Gifts wrapped up in colorful papers for your dear ones might have now been conceptualized as an expensive dress or a valuable device, which actually need not be the case. You could always gift others with joy in many other sustainable and eco-friendly ways. Here are a few of those eco-friendly ideas that you can adopt while thinking of a gift.

Shopping Bags

Less Expensive Gifts

1. Shopping Bags Made of Cloth

You might very well know how the bags made out of cloth are beneficial. This surely wouldn’t replace a smartphone or a designer suit but will contribute towards a smile on the giftee and the planet. These bags are available at $1 or less, making it a budget, eco-friendly, and sustainable gift. Durability is guaranteed with this product, especially with the Blue Q reusable bag. Spending a bit more of a buck will get you a pack of six such quality reusable bags. You can also get them in any size as you wish and is undoubtedly the best replacement for plastic bags.

2. Cleaning Products

The cleaning products made from harmful chemicals or ingredients are slow poisons. Essential oils can be used to make eco-friendly cleaning products by yourself and gift them. You could also go for the dishwashing soap that is free of plastic or the waste-free strips of laundry detergent.

Zip-Close bags

Moderate Expenses

3. Zip-Close bags

Gifting these reusable bags can help the recipients to store food and other products tightly locked without having to dispose of it each time. Most of the reusable zip-close bags available are microwave-safe, washable, and made from food-grade silicone.

4. Glass Mason Jars

There wouldn’t be a better option for a gift that is well-balanced as functional and attractive. They can be used to store leftovers, home-canned food, herbs, pencils and stationery. You could also make a lamp, bird feeder, soap dispenser, and salad in the jar.


Relatively Expensive Gifts (Above $50)

5. Storage Box for Towels

Keep the perfectly crafted wooden box on the countertop with the kitchen towels in it. By doing this, you are not only making your surroundings eco-friendly but also well-designed. You could also add a few reusable towels in the gift box.

6. Bathroom Bundle

Zero-waste bathroom bundles are available these days which would make for a great gift. It will include bamboo toothbrushes, safety razor, and reusable scrubbers for the body and face.

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