3 Ethical, Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste Gift Ideas

As the planet is forced to undergo continuous drains for resources, life is being faced with a crisis. For all living beings to co-exist on the earth, environment-friendly decisions have to take over the entire force that runs the world. Of all the realms that have prominence in the eco-friendly phase, the gifting universe needs to be paid some heed. You might know what the other person would love to be gifted, but you must also know the earth’s demands to stay alive. These reasons make for the necessity to shift to sustainable ideas for gifts.

You wouldn’t find it difficult to get suggestions for eco-friendly gifts with the Internet at your service. Several companies excel at manufacturing products that are reusable and worthy of being gifted to your dear ones. Although this small step might not make a huge difference in a day, the beneficial factors will come into play in the long run. By doing this small service to nature, it is not just you that contribute to a better future but also the recipient of the gift. So, start making some difference by gifting some of the following ethical, zero waste, and eco-friendly products.


1.      Leaf Razor

You might have a strange expression on your face as the idea of gifting a razor would appear quirky; it, in fact, isn’t. Leaf razor is nothing like the disposable razors since the durability and life is much higher than that of the plastic razors. A kit of these razors that come in mercury, black, chrome, rose gold, obsidian, and silver will keep you stocked for the immediate shaves. You don’t need to replace the razor now and then; a year would go on to be the best life of many of these razors. But make sure to give a piece of advice along with the gift to replace the blades after a few shaves. Since they are metal, recycling is possible and in no way will any margin left for the planet to be contaminated.

Straw Set and Mason Jar Lids

2.      Straw Set and Mason Jar Lids

If you know the giftee in and out, and he has a habit of sipping onto a coffee frequently, this kit is for him/her. You could get the glass jar for them if you wish, and this set of lids and straw along with that. An exclusive kit of lids and straw are also available, with which you also receive a cleaning brush for the straw. The bamboo jar lids and food-grade silicone straws can be carried in a cotton drawstring bag.


3.      Starter Kit to Produce Zero Waste

Gifting this would be equal to planting the first step towards producing zero waste from the recipient’s side. If you have practiced this form of life, you will know the function of a starter kit. A 12Oz insulated mug, two stainless steel containers, beeswax food wrappers, bamboo toothbrush, stainless steel straw, 18Oz water bottle, organic cotton bag, and bamboo utensils set are the constituents of this starter kit for the giftee to embark the eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle.

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